Cleaning Tips For Your Home

As we find ourselves in a second national lockdown, we are very limited to what we can do. The coronavirus has dominated our lives for the majority of 2020. The shops are closed, the towns and cities across the country are deserted, the days are shorter and the nights are longer. In these challenging times we might be feeling stressed or anxious which nobody wants to feel, however there are things we can do to avoid feeling this way. There are many ways that we can avoid feeling these emotions, a quick meditation, a walk in the park and CLEANING is a very powerful way of uplifting our moods and to help us feel calmer. For some of us, even the sight of a clean and tidy home can help temporarily blunt the effects of a stressful day. The scent of a fresh pile of clothes, the feeling you get when you prepare a meal in a tidy kitchen. These are simple yet effective ways that we can instantly boost our mood.

In this blog post I want to provide some simple and effective cleaning tips that can be carried out in the safety of your own home so that you can feel clean and safe.

Tip #1

Follow Mrs. Hinch.

With an outstanding 3.8 million followers on Instagram, Mrs. Hinch has provided us with extraordinary content on keeping your home clean and tidy.  From detailed stories to her must have cleaning products, she has proven to the world that cleaning can be fun and there is a great sense of satisfaction achieved. To keep your house nice and clean during this pandemic Mrs. Hinch has her top tips on how to maintain a clean and safe environment. If you want to achieve the same, efficient results at home she has a list of cleaning products to add to your basket. Mrs. Hinch swears by the ‘miracle paste,’ the pink stuff which works incredibly on tough stains as well as flash bathroom with Febreze, CIF stainless steel spray, pine toilet cleaner, 1001 carpet spray and zoflora being in her top lists of products. If you want a spotless home, I would advise you give her a follow-on Instagram or purchase her books which will provide you with all the rights tips and tricks necessary.

Tip #2


Decluttering your home space can be more challenging than simply tidying up. Marie Kondo is the leading woman in this department. Her method of decluttering is known as the KonMari method which consists of gathering all your belongings one category at a time and keeping the ones that spark joy. There are 5 categories from which you can organise, the first being clothes followed by books, paper and miscellaneous and sentimental items. Decluttering can improve your sleep. Trying to sleep in a messy room can be a real struggle. ‘Since humans are energetic beings, the more energy that freely circulates around us, the easier it is for us to rejuvenate with deep, restful sleep,’ explains Dean Davies.