Covid-19 Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting Service

With the growing number of current outbreak cases of COVID-19 Coronavirus in Ireland, OIC Cleaning has taken all measures to help reduce the impact of the potential spread of the virus in our community.  It is greatly affecting Irish Businesses, offices, both Educational and Corporate facilities, essential shops, pharmacies, clinics and manufacturing sites.

OIC Cleaning Covid-19 Response team have undergone specialised training, to provide 24/7 callout emergency Certified Ecostatic Spraying Service, to help quickly, safely, and professionally decontaminate your premises within the same day.

Our effective Covid-19 disinfecting and sanitising service in the event of Covid case in your premises as an emergency, or as preventative measure on pre-scheduled frequency.

It is vital to maintain high level of hygiene and professional cleaning regime as part of your ongoing operation.


Call our team 24/7: 086 855 6731 or call our office on 01-885 3380